Support in M&A and Project Trading

All profitable renewable energy investments and precise assessing opportunities require in-depth understanding of the market. Including assets performance and costs, and finance modelling.

M&A stands as the most direct and expeditious way to build up competitiveness. Such M&A can add to companies’ rapid access to advanced technology, talent, well-established brands and international management teams. However, M&A is a complex undertaking and there are many post- M&A integration problems, such as strategy, organization, personnel, process and culture. Renewable energy companies are seeking to grow through M&A need a clear acquisition strategy. Aspiring acquirers must select M&A targets; negotiate merger and acquisition deal terms; and manage post-M&A integration of business systems, processes, people and technology. By this case, we can help you with the M&A targeting setting, negotiation, and customized solution for your post- M&A problems, so as to lower the risk and prevent the failure of you M&A. Our experience and knowledge will definitely assist you to take your best decision.

We have earned the right track record and expertise over so many years. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Strategy and Technical Consultancy 

Wind Assets Maintenance and Management 

The proper management of wind assets is crucial to ensure the best return on investment.Energy production verification in a wind farm once they are past the warranty period is one of the main concerns a wind farm owner may face. The reasons for the deviations could be many: from the lack of fulfillment of the guaranteed power curve due to mismatches in control, to a wind turbine component failure affecting a decrease in production, orientation problems meaning the turbines are not facing the prevailing wind, dirt or failures in the blades, etc.

DELTA POWER makes a diagnosis based on detailed data from the machine to detect the causes and recommend appropriate actions with the aim of significantly improving the productivity of turbines.

Our service portfolio also includes failure analysis (FMEA Failure Analysis) in blades, gearboxes and other components as well as litigation support.

The portfolio of services includes:

  • Advice during the delivery of the wind farm (Hand-over)
  • Verification of guaranteed production
  • Management of difficult situations in operation and maintenance
  • Optimization of production through the use of "Best Practices" in Operation and maintenance
  • Analysis of failures (FMEA) of blades, gearboxes and other key components
  • Factory Inspections
Out team of consultants has developed, negotiated and implemented projects with the world's leading manufacturers of wind turbines. They have also worked in the development of new business models throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, providing new strategies for entry into those markets as well as technical solutions adapted to local conditions.