Delta Blades

Keeping your asset in a Safe condition is essential for Delta Blades

In Delta Blades we take care of the most important wtg component and the most difficult want to repair in the most SAFE way. We account years of experience in top companies in the wind industry when repairing blades. Our most common services are but not limited:
 Blades’ Inspection
 Lightning protection systems (supply + installation)
 Lightning counters (supply + installation)
 Lightning system test
 Lightning reports
 Trailing edge: supply + installation of specific solutions.
 Leading Edge protection
 Composite and Structural Repairs
 Pin holes
 Surface defects
 Non-structural cracks
 Blade cleaning
 Repair of polyester and epoxy blades
 Repair of nacelle cover and nose cone
 Tip shell replacement
 Inspection, cleaning and painting of towers
 Consultancy support
 Visual inspection
 Warranty inspections
 Beacon’s installation
 Everything that requires external access to the wind turbines

We work around the globe and by projects.
We work in heights and on the ground.
We are used to work with different types of blades access.